Wakaya Perfection?  Waky Perfection?  Strange name! Yes it is….but what is in a name?

Well in this name, there is a HUGE story!   A VERY intriguing story…..along with a LEGACY income opportunity!  An income opportunity that is extremely lucrative!  I know, I know people kick around that term LEGACY opportunity A LOT……BUT…. this is the REAL DEAL!

Once you take the time, and it will be time well spent!  The story will captivate you like it captivated me!

Take a look at the video below and afterward, I will continue to give you information about Wakaya Perfection…..





Wakaya Perfection

It all starts with David H. Gilmour And Wakaya Island


So a Multi-Billionaire, who created Fiji Water, and a Fijian Island walked into a bar…..40 years ago…….

Ok, ok….I’ll finish the joke later……….Read Further……………

Wakaya Perfection - David H Gilmour
Wakaya Perfection – David H Gilmour



Wakaya Perfection starts with David H. Gilmour. He is a Canadian born, serial entrepreneur, Multi- Billionaire. Who also is a health and wellness advocate.

As for being a serial entrepreneur, he has created and still owns some of the listed companies he started or bought.

Clairtune, SPHC ( Southern Pacific Hotel Corp), Barrick Gold which is the world’s largest gold mining company and most notible, he is the creator of Fiji Water!

Back in 1972, he flew over Wakaya Island 3 times because there was no airport there, and bought it from that experience.

Today Mr. Gilmour  is 85 years old, yet looks 20 years younger according to this Forbes article here.

Yet there is a reason for that which we will get to a little later……

So now onto Wakaya Island…….



Wakaya Perfection – Wakaya Island



Wakaya Perfecton - Wakaya Island
Wakaya Perfecton – Wakaya Island

Wakaya Island is a 2,220 acre island, one of the approximately 330 islands of the Republic of Fiji. It has been uninhabited for over 140 years. Experts and scientist have tested the mineral-dense, nutrient-rich, 7 million year old virgin volcanic soil and certified it as 100% ORGANIC!

You can get a more in-depth view of David H. Gilmour and Wakaya Island here.  And actually hear from David H. Gilmour himself about Wakaya Island.


Wakaya Perfection - Wakaya Soil
Wakaya Perfection – Wakaya Soil


With that said, David Gilmour and his wife, Jillian made Wakaya their home.  However, he did NOT want to disturb the purity of the island, the ecosystem.

One of the first things he did was build ecological aqua-firs to create Fiji Water in 1990.  Another thing he did was cross-breed to strains of ginger to create Wakaya Perfection Pink Fijian Ginger. And here is why he looks 20 years younger than his chronological 85 years…..

He bathes in Pink Fijian Ginger and uses a body scrub made from the pure ginger.  As well as the other products of Wakaya Perfection.

Here you can get an overview of ALL the products of Wakaya Perfection.


Wakaya Perfection Is Born

With the success of Fiji Water and the Pink Fijian Ginger, and other Wakaya Perfection products; Mr. Gilmour decides to create Wakaya Perfection in 2010.  He takes it to market, on shelves, to distribute to the public.

It had a great and notable run in the marketplace.  Those who took the time to try and research about the products absolutely LOVED the products for being ALL natural, organic, pure and EFFECTIVE!

Those products include the Bula Bottle, Fijian Turmeric, Fiji Sea Salt, Dilo Oil and Cream, Calcium Bentonite Clay, Detoxing agents, Essential Oils and many, many more.  All natural, organic, Non-GMO, Gluten and toxin FREE!

Check out this product overview!  You will be amazed!

Below is a listing of all who LOVE the Wakaya Perfection products……..


Who Loves Wakaya Perfection
Who Loves Wakaya Perfection


Most notable is Oprah Winfrey, who selected Wakaya Perfection products as one of her Favorite Things in 2012 AND 2014.  There have ONLY been 5 brands that she personally named twice!



Wakaya Perfection Oprah's Favorite Things 2012
Wakaya Perfection Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012


Wakaya Perfection Oprah's Favorite Things 2014
Wakaya Perfection Oprah’s Favorite Things 2014


So the products, found here at the Wakaya Perfection Store, were on the shelves for about 5 years and gained great notoriety! However, potentially Mr. Gilmour, from his younger years, who was a door-to-door salesman of kitchen pots knows that when you have a product, the story of that product is as important as the product itself. Rather than a customer being “directed to an store shelf”, the story of, as well as the effectiveness of, the product should be promoted to have great sales and build massive brand knowledge to the consumer.

So he decided to pull the products and create an residual income opportunity just this year ( 2016).  In the video above, you saw the highlights of the lucrative compensation plan.  Learn more here and learn how YOU can take advantage of the 13 ways you can get paid with Wakaya Perfection for your financial and bodily health.

You can visit the site to learn more about Wakaya Perfection.  To review the products, once you are at the link, click on the STORE tab at the top. Once at the store, will open in another window, go to the RETAIL CUSTOMER tab to review the product line and get familiar with them.

The story of Wakaya Perfection is TRULY IMPRESSIVE!  That leads to the REMARKABLE product line and the lucrative residual income opportunity of which you can learn more about the compensation plan.


To learn how YOU can take advantage of the products and the residual income opportunity to increase your physical and financial health, fill out the box to the right and contact me!




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