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David H. Gilmour And Wakaya Island


Hear from David H. Gilmour, founder of Wakaya Perfection, about the purchase and operations of Wakaya Island!

Wakaya Island is a 2,220 acre island, one of the approximately 330 islands of the Republic of Fiji. It has been uninhabited for over 140 years. Experts and scientist have tested the mineral-dense, nutrient-rich, 7 million year old virgin volcanic soil and certified it as 100% ORGANIC!



Wakaya Island CERTIFIED 100% Organic




Wakaya Perfecton - Wakaya Island
Wakaya Perfecton – Wakaya Island


David H. Gilmour is a Canadian born, serial entrepreneur, Multi- Billionaire. Who also is a health and wellness advocate.

As for being a serial entrepreneur, he has created and still owns some of the listed companies he started or bought.

Clairtone, SPHC ( Southern Pacific Hotel Corp), Barrick Gold, a mining operation in Northern Ontario with a market capitalization of $32.5 Billion; which is the world’s largest gold mining company and most notable, he is the creator of Fiji Water!


David H Gilmour - Fiji Water
David H Gilmour – Fiji Water


Back in 1972, he flew over Wakaya Island 3 times because there was no airport there, and bought it from that experience.


Wakaya Perfection - David H Gilmour
Wakaya Perfection – David H Gilmour


You can read more about David H. Gilmour and Wakaya Perfection, in this Forbes Magazine article.  Very interesting reading.

According to the author, even though he is chronologically in his 80’s he looks 20 years younger,  That is from using his own products, especially the ginger bath soak and the ginger body scrub.


David H. Gilmour In Depth


To pull more of the story together, watch the video of  Jennifer Halliday, Wakaya Perfection Corporate Executive, give more detail of David H. Gilmour, Wakaya Island and Wakaya Perfection.



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Wakaya Perfection: David H. Gilmour and Wakaya Island