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 For A GREAT explanation of Bitcoin and the Blockchain go to the 5th video below

 For the predictions from World Business and Financial Leaders go to the 4th video

USI TECH For Passive Bitcoin Growth

USI Tech is an international business opportunity based in Bitcoin (BTC) where you can grow your Bitcoin passively and subsequently create income!

The founders of USI TECH  have a solid background in Forex Trading.   About 8 years ago, they created over 100 EA’s  ( Expert Advisors or computer programs).

For the past 3 years, they offered their automated software to private clients with a minimum of $100,000 to invest with a track record of consecutive profits!

They were EXTREMELY successful with that venture and the software was very successful, it worked seamlessly to the point where NONE of their clients lost money!

Then they got the idea to offer a way for the masses to take advantage of their product and make money. So they developed what they call a Bitcoin Investment Package.

1 Bitcoin package costs 50 Euros or $55, but since the program is based on bitcoin the package must be bought in bitcoin.  Bitcoin IN Bitcoin OUT!

The package gives you a return of 1% a day for 140 working days.  Working days means Monday through Friday.  UCI TECH uses their proven automatic software and the sale of their software to make the money that they return on the investment.

You can even set it in the back office to automatically re-invest or compound your daily profits (0% to 100%)

Watch the videos below for some clarity.

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FX Blue Live is a free web-based service for analyzing and publishing your trading results.

You can analyze trades from MT4, MT5, cTrader, Oanda fxTrade, xOpenHub, Vertex FX, or FXCM TS2. Publication of new and closed orders is nearly instant.

FX Blue has been trusted since 2009 by all types of traders ranging from regulated money managers and hedge funds through to private individuals scalping the markets from home. The core web-based analysis and deep statistics are supported by several apps such as our desktop Account Monitor and MT4 TradeTalk.

Here you can see the USI-TEch Live Forex Trades.  Being transparent which shows they are a real company!
With success in the Forex Trading markets, they created the bitcoin packages, adjusted the Forex Trading program for the Bitcoin market to read the market and make trades automatically.



USI TECH Bitcoin Package Overview – Mike Kieffer (Master Distributor of USI-Tech) and Tak Mano





Mike Kieffer, Rodney Burton, and Horst Jicha



Why Bitcoin Is SO Financially Important


In the video, you will hear from world financial and business experts tell you why bitcoin is very special, revolutionary and their predictions of its appreciation of value.    This is why GROWING your bitcoins is extremely important for the future.  USI TECH helps you do just that!

Review the article of



Forbes gives 10 compelling reasons to BUY Bitcoin in this article



How Bitcoin And Other

Cryptocurrencies Work


If you do NOT understand what bitcoin is then watch the video below. It is a very good explanation!


USI TECH Affiliate Compensation Plan

This is an 1 Tier Affiliate Compensation structure which pays out 10% on your direct referrals which are what you see on the LEFT column in the image below.  On the RIGHT column, you see the affiliate commissions are paid down through 12 levels.  The difference is that a person on the LEFT is Agency qualified.  To become an Agent means buying a software package for Forex trading.  You do not have to use the automated software or know ANYTHING about Forex Trading to unlock ALL 12 levels of commission.

What this means is that you can register an account with USI TECH for FREE!  Learn more about the co company cause there is much more to tell.  Get your affiliate link and share the opportunity and receive the 10% commissions and purchase a BTC pack and earn an average of 1%  a day further earning money.  Down the road, you can purchase a software package and unlock the 12 levels of affiliate commissions!

OR.…you can simply tell no one about USI TECH,  buy packages and GROW your bitcoin so as it grows or appreciates in value you can reap the financial rewards along the way and in the future!


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You can view the company website HERE and Register for FREE!



In the video below you can see the function where you can COMPOUND your earnings andGROW even more bitcoin.  This is VERY important if you do NOT want to do any recruiting and just grow your bitcoin.



USI TECH Affiliate Comp Plan
USI TECH Affiliate Comp Plan





USI TECH 12 Level Compensation
USI TECH 12 Level Compensation



International In-Depth Skype Interview with Mike Kieffler, Master Distributor For USI TECH





You can view the company website HERE and Register for FREE!





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