I was sent this article by a friend of mine about financial giant USAA accepting Bitcoin monitoring through Coinbase on their membership platforms.  Directly from their web and mobile accounts, alongside more traditional value monitoring services that track assets such as real estate or automobile investments.

USAA is a massive financial services resource for active and retired military personnel and their families.

Since 1922, USAA has stood by our members. We’ve provided years of guidance and assistance — from helping establish financial independence to raising a family to retirement.  Everything including personal, auto and home loans to vehicle, home, property, life and business insurance.

You have seen their commercials during the nightly news, major sports coverage like basketball games, sport racing, football games and the list goes on and on.







This was only a trial to see whether the membership WANTED to be able to monitor the price of Bitcoin. Well the answer surprised them and it was a “Clear YES”!

The trial saw USAA providing its members with the ability to check Coinbase balances directly from their web and mobile accounts. Alongside more traditional value monitoring services that track assets such as real estate or automobile investments. Introduced in November, the project is now available to all USAA members.

Darius Jones,, the leaf of this Bitcoin monitoring trial said……

“There’s always a gap between feedback and reality. Sometimes highly vocal members who are dogmatic about a capability may or may not represent entirety of the membership. But was this something people wanted.”



USAA Members Give ‘Clear Yes’ to Coinbase Bitcoin Trial



Jones said the trial saw impressive growth in sign-ups due to what he described as strong word-of-mouth promotion. Roughly 50% of those who signed up, he noted, were notified about the bitcoin option after hearing about it through emails, tweets and social media.

“The pilot expanded by 50% just by word of mouth,” he remarked.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Mr. Jones indicated the response to the Bitcoin trial was a sign. Because of this sign it prompted the company to move quickly in making the service available more widely to its members – many of whom, USAA has said, ARE bitcoin users.

From the article, it seems that the results from the Bitcoin monitoring trial SURPRISED the executives of USAA.  It would seem that they were expecting a “lukewarm” response at best!  I am not surprised at the response at all!  And I will tell you why…….

Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining and the Bitcoin Economy is a BIG DEAL overseas!  Not so much in the US or the Western world.  Due to the fact that USAA members are current and retired military personnel, many of which served OVERSEAS, they got exposed to Bitcoin as a lucrative financial play!

Since they were exposed to Bitcoin, it is NOT a wonder that they would get involved with the Bitcoin Economy.

Because of that fact, it does not surprise me but ENCOURAGES me that there is a financial opportunity in the US and the rest of the Western world with Bitcoin.

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USAA Members Give ‘Clear Yes’ To Bitcoin Trial