Gladiacoin For Residual Income and Passive Income from Bitcoin
Gladiacoin For Residual Income and Passive Income from Bitcoin



Here I want to explain how Gladiacoin can be your tool for Residual Income and Passive Income.  This kind of income can change your life for the better, especially through Bitcoin.

The short explanation is that Bitcoin or BTC is a digital currency that NOW has great value!  It was started in 2009. Its value back then was about 10 cents, but currently, 1 Bitcoin is worth OVER $1100 and going up!

If you do not know what bitcoin is you can learn about it HERE.

Gladiacoin is an automated platform for ANYONE to generate Bitcoins (assets) for themselves all the while creating residual income and passive income.

The residual income comes from a 2.2% trader bonus that is paid to the subscribers each and every day.

The passive income comes from the ability to double your current bitcoin in 90days!

Both of these concepts will be explained further down this page.

Gladiacoin For Residual Income

And Passive Income From Bitcoin

Gladiacoin - Bitcoin Price 4 26 16
Gladiacoin – Bitcoin Price 4 26 16

Above you see a snapshot of the Bitcoin Price over time.  As I have said I was reintroduced to Bitcoin (BTC) around 4/26/2016.  The price at that time for ONE BTC was around $450.00.  But as you see to the right of the big dot in the pic above, Bitcoin has increased to over $1100 per BTC!

You can check out this chart LIVE right HERE.

When you get to the link scroll down and you will see the chart.  Across the top of the chart you will see time selections, 1D = 1 day, 1M = 1 month, etc…. all the way to ALL = since the beginning of BTC which was back in 2009.

You can move your cursor over the graph and see the price movements at a glance.


How Gladiacoin Makes Money


So this is how Gladiacoin makes money, exploiting the differences in BTC exchanges. It is VERY similar to what goes on in Forex trading or monetary exchange funds.

If Exchange A has a bitcoin price of USD 700 and Exchange B has a bitcoin price of USD 800, you can take advantage and exploit the price difference, by taking the USD 100 difference for yourself, easy and free money/bitcoin. You simultaneously buy bitcoin on the cheaper exchange and sell bitcoin on the more expensive exchange.

If you buy 1 bitcoin for USD 700 on Exchange A and sell 1 bitcoin for USD 800 on Exchange B, you still end up having 1 bitcoin, EXCEPT you also have an additional USD 100 that you didn’t have before. Free money, right?!

If you have the time, you can do this all day, keeping your starting amount and multiplying your earnings.

Through technology, there are computer programs that make those trades and exploit the price differences minute by minute and hour per hour, thousands of times a day, each day!

At that rate, those $100 differences add up! Because one has bought a subscription ( level shown in the image below) one receives 2.22222% on the subscription out pf the trades mentioned above!  This is the residual income.


Gladiacoin First 4 Levels
Gladiacoin First 4 Levels


Gladiacoin Last 3 Levels
Gladiacoin Last 3 Levels


For the passive income, if you take 2.22222% and multiply by 90 days, you can see that it comes out to 200% or DOUBLE the amount of bitcoin you started out with. Not only getting your initial subscription back but growing your asset, or DOUBLING your bitcoin!

As you can see from the Bitcoin Price chart, you can see the volatility of the BTC price.  It moves up and then backs down constantly which is GREAT for exchange trading.  It continues to make a profit!

IMPORTANT POINT: the MORE capital you have, the MORE profit you make! Gladiacoin splits that profit with the subscribers as indicated in the videos above

This is the IMPORTANCE of buying a Gladiacoin subscription because you can make residual income, passive income, maintain your bitcoin and have IT appreciate over time!

You can check out the Gladiacoin website for yourself HERE.

If you have questions or want to know how to take advantage of bitcoin through Gladiacoin, fill in the box to the right and contact me.  I can answer your questions and guide you on how to get started.

Also, I can show you a strategy that can generate you an extra $700 per month!  Just contact me and ask!

This is something you DO NOT want to miss!



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