I am sure that you are aware of the Equifax data breach.

We’ll just before publication it was on the news that the data breach of Equifax was larger than first stated. at first, they thought there were 143 million Americans personal information collected. well, now Equifax says that another 2.5 million Americans information is at risk. so that brings the total to 145 million which  had already made it the largest data breach in US history





Equifax Data Breach



The Equifax data breach occurred because of a flaw in their software. the actual data breach occurred between mid-may through July and we are just knowing about that in September!


The flaw in the software was noted buy Equifax back in March of this year and they were provided a patch to fix the software but for some reason, they did not implement the patch.  Go figure?


Oh and by the way, the former CEO of Equifax will be testifying in Congress on  Tuesday, October 3rd


The Equifax hack has the Hallmarks of state-sponsored Pros according to this Bloomberg article


It indicates that the digital fingerprints are that of the Chinese which was similar to the hacks of Anthem, Inc And the U.S. Office Of Personnel Management that occurred in recent years.



Equifax Data Breach
Equifax Data Breach




The Equifax breach made vulnerable the personal information of 143 million Americans that is just under 50% of the entire population. actually approximately 44% of the entire population of the US.


the information that was made vulnerable by the data breach was a person’s name social security number, date of birth, drivers license information and for a percentage of those people affected their credit card information


Equifax is offering free Identity Theft Protection for one year to affected members in the now 145 million Americans whose data was made vulnerable.


What people may not be aware of is that the ID theft Protection that they’re offering is their own in other words from Equifax.  so why would you give your information back to the company who couldn’t keep it secure in the first place? Does that make any sense!


LifeLock uses Equifax as part of their credit source In other words LifeLock sources the credit information and protection or monitoring through Equifax. Needless to say, Equifax just had a major breach of data


would you want to give your sensitive information to Equifax’s ID Theft service in order to protect your identity?  Give it right back to Equifax the very people who compromised your information in the FIRST place?  I think NOT!


This information is extremely valuable on the Black market.   The guest reminds us of the LinkedIn data breach.  where the thieves held that information and used it at least four years later, they did it with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook’s information 4 years later.

So what is to say that the same can happen with the Equifax data breach? We really won’t know until it is actually used.


The interviewers ask the guest; Morgan  Wright,  Us State Department Senior  Anti-terrorism Advisor what type of ID Theft Protection he uses and his response is ID Shield. Goes on to say that the reason he does is that there are actual investigators that go to work for you to find out for you, instead of you doing the work yourself.


Learn more about the investigators from Internationally known Kroll Risk Management right HERE


These investigators I from the internationally-known Kroll risk management corporation. they are experts in this field.   with  ID Shield there is not only monitoring through Experian of your credit information but with the investigators, they will get to the bottom of the situation and restore your name back to before the incident of the data breach!


Below is a service Fact sheet between ID Shield and Equifax Trusted ID the service Equifax offers to those affected by the Equifax Data Breach.

You can click on the image to pop out in another window to see better

ID Shield V Equifax Trusted ID



ID SHIELD v Equifax Trusted ID
ID SHIELD v Equifax Trusted ID



To learn more about ID Shield you can visit the site HERE.


If you need assistance or have questions click HERE.



UPDATE  EQUIFAX  October 12, 2017

Equifax has a cyber scare of which they claim is not A compromise of data

Here’s how the issue was first noticed…….
Randy Abrams, an independent security analyst, said he noticed the issue late on Wednesday when he was attempting to check some information in his credit report and a bogus pop-up ad appeared on Equifax’s website.

The pop-ups could trick visitors into installing fraudulent Adobe Flash updates and infect computers with malware, he said in an interview with Reuters on Thursday
You can read the full article and see the video here from CNBC.

“The issue involves a third-party vendor that Equifax uses to collect website performance data, and that vendor’s code running on an Equifax website was serving malicious content.”
The company said it has removed the vendor’s code from the web page, which was taken offline so the company can conduct further analysis.

Maybe it was a third party who had the real security issue but this does not look good 4 Equifax after announcing the major data breach September 7th. but remember they knew about this back in March I believe and only reported it September 7th.

remember a major data breach like this that information is very valuable and live for many many years. for that reason alone you need real ID protection and restoration for the Long Haul because you never know when this information will be used by the thieves.



To learn more about ID Shield you can visit the site HERE.


If you need assistance or have questions click HERE.


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Equifax Data Breach The REAL Truth